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When only the best will do for your prized pet, choose our pet store in Fairfield, California, for top-quality dog treats and cat products. At Pet Centered, we are proud to be your local family owned pet store focusing on improving the lives of pets and their people by offering the best quality products, education, and services, all at a great value. From delicious cat and dog treats to our selection of naturally balanced pet food, we have everything you need to give your pets the best health.

We always welcome you to bring your pets to our shop and we offer assistance in helping you choose the best products for your pet. Whether you want to try a new cat litter or you need to help manage your dog's weight, we have the experience and knowledge to provide excellent support to you and your pet!

Expertise You Can Count On
With more than 30 years of combined experience in the pet industry and an owner with a degree in animal science, we have what it takes to deliver the best products, services, and support for all of our customers and their people.

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